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Obscurity of the Heart 
By J.L. Spain

This memoir takes you on a profound expedition of resilience, self-discovery, and liberation. "Obscurity of the Heart" offers an intimate glimpse into the life of a woman who embarked on a remarkable odyssey from trauma to triumph.


Step into the depths of a childhood marked by adversity, where the seeds of pain took root. This memoir courageously illuminates the author's early encounters with trauma, providing an unflinching account of the challenges faced and the strength discovered along the way.


Witness the arduous battle against the suffocating grip of postpartum depression, a shadowy labyrinth that threatened to engulf the author's very essence. With unyielding determination, the pages unfurl the raw emotions, vulnerability, and the transformative power of self-compassion that ultimately led to a path of hope and renewal.


"Obscurity of the Heart" - Healing. Integration. Liberation.

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